Parish Art Museum Midsummer Party 2018

A cultural staple for the artsy set, the Parrish Art Museum is practically The Whitney of the East End. Unsurprisingly, its patrons are just as chic.

Jean Shafiroff

Maren Otto, Robert Wilson, Terrie Sultan

On Saturday, nearly 500 well-heeled Hamptons philanthropists headed to Water Mill for the museum’s annual Midsummer Party, this year honoring long-time trustee Chad Leat and artist Keith Sonnier, whose exhibition, Keith Sonnier: Until Today is currently on show.

Between all the dining, dancing, and auction bidding, the event raised almost $1.3 million in support of the museum. Even more impressive, however, were the creative-cool ensembles being donned by the art-making and art-loving guests.

Barbara DePortago, Gillian Fuller, Wendy Stark

Jason McDermott, Justine Caputi, Townsend Katz,

Merrin Jenkins, Andrew Katz


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